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1. Theme - Choosing your theme will help you decide what photos you may want to use in your memory album.  You may choose a playful theme (i.e. Guy meets Gal or a more serious theme, i.e. a Memorial Tribute). 

2. Entertainment – Whenever possible, you should try to include photos of your family and friends, especially those who will be in attendance or viewing the memory album.  Often times clients chose to include credits in the slideshow.  You may give credits to your bridal party, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, and anyone else that you feel is appropriate.

3. Length - The length of your memory album will determine how many photos you may use. 



05 Minute (Classic) 30-35
05 Minute (Innovative) 20-25
10 Minute (Classic) 70-80
10 Minute (Innovative 55-65
15 Minute (Classic) 110-120
15 Minute (Innovative) 95-105
20 Minute (Classic) 150-160
20 Minute ( Innovative) 135-145

The classic slideshow consists of fade-to-fade transitions. The innovative slide show contains creative elements to enhance the viewers attention. 

A. Will your memory album be a chronological life story?

B. Will your album consist of  more than one person (i.e. Bride and Groom). If so, how would you like them to be characterized, together or separately?

C. Will your memory album detail a specific time of their life, such as, a wedding, a memorial tribute or a retirement party?

4. Choose your photos and place them in chronological order – It’s a good idea to have a family member review the photos with you as they may be more objective. 

5. Quality – When choosing your photos ask yourself the following:

A. Does your photos look dark, light or washed out?  Is it blurry or grainy?

B.  Is your photo in one piece?  It is better to use photos that have not been altered in memory albums.  The better the quality, the more superior the outcome.  Please, do not choose photos that have been cut into shapes or altered! 

6. Captions/Quotes – Captions/quotes enhance the memory album by providing a storyline and adding  personality.  You may want to consider limiting the number of captions/quotes  as the photos should tell the overall story.  Too many captions/quotes can limit the overall number of photos in your slide show. 

7. Music –  Music and timing are two of the main components in the success of your memory album.  Some clients choose sentimental music while others choose upbeat favorites. Choose music that has significant meaning to you or the person you are developing the memory album for.  Reference the Song Selections page for a full list of available music or provide us with the name and author of your favorite lyrics and we will take care of the rest.

8. Video Clips – Adding short video clips (from 10 second to - 3 minutes each) to your  album can add diversity to your slide show.  Files should be provided in AVI format for optimal quality.

9. Voiceovers – add a personal touch.  Use your video camera, or digital cameras with the video option. Only forward the voice component, not the video for inclusion in your memory album.

10. Placing Your Order – Review our online samples and choose which package will best fit your occasion. Don't see what your looking for? Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will work with you to design a custom package.

11. Keep a Backup - Make sure you have copies of ALL your photos or the negatives. Send scanned photos on disc. Make sure you keep a copy. Sending videos – make a copy. Showtime Slideshows will not be responsible for damage to your photos or videos during shipping. 

12. Proper Shipping - Use care when packaging and shipping your photos. Larger photos (5x7's or 8x10's) should be packaged in a protective liner. Place your photos securely in the box (in chronological order) Mail your package priority (if possible FEDEX, UPS, or USPS) to reduce the likelihood of damage.  Showtime Slideshows will bear the expense to return your original photos/videos, etc. with your completed order.  Please  number your photos and place them in chronological order,  prior to shipment.    Please use a sticky note written in pencil attached to the back (ONLY). Do not place sticky notes on the front of the photo, glue, tape or handwrite on the back of your photos as damage may occur.

Showtime Slideshows  will work closely with you to make sure you receive your memory album within 10 days of receipt of your photos. We will work with you to establish the format and personality of your album.  Memory albums are available in DVD or CD format.  DVD's may be viewed on your television with a standard DVD player and on personal computers with an integrated or external DVD player. CD's are available (depending on the size of your show) for viewing on your PC (personal computer). Most often, if video content is included in your memory album, you will be limited to a high quality DVD format.  




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